We've got you covered no matter what size or price range of lodging you're looking for. 

From $35 bunk beds to an $85 private house, we'll be able to find a spot for you (if you plan ahead). Each of the rooms inside Ground Inn includes a continental breakfast served between 7am and 10am. The next-door Union Place, however, does not. Once you've decided, you can use our online reservation request form. If you need help deciding, just give us a call at 360-539-8300 and we'll help you figure it out. We also highly recommend the excellent green lodging at Fertile Ground Guesthouse, our big sister B&B, just two blocks away. 
Men's Dorm

The Family Room and the Men's Dorm are the same room. Once a family claims it, it's no longer a dorm room. 
$35 per bed
 Women's Dorm
$35 per bed
$70 - $80



The Union Place is a small, private house next door. Breakfast isn't included. 
$85 - $100
 We collect a 10.8% tax for our favorite municipalities.