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Brick House

This small house is perfect for two. Whether you sleep together in the loft upstairs, or apart with one of you on the couch - it's just the right size. We've thought of everything to make your life complete in this small space. It's so self contained!
The charm of the Brick House starts with the bricks! Inside and out, you're in a fortress of safety and quiet. No outside noises penetrate these insulated walls which adjust nicely to staying well heated in winter and so cool in summer. The loft upstairs has a thick full sized futon. The kitchen is complete with service for 4. The bathroom is modern and stylish. When this old carriage house was converted into living space a few years ago, no expense was spared to make it super nice. 
We think you'll enjoy your stay if you don't mind the steep staircase to the sleeping loft. The sleeping loft is only about 5'2" down the middle and then tapers quickly with the roof line. Most people won't be able to stand up, which is why we call it a SLEEPING LOFT. There's plenty of floor space up there for yoga on the carpet, however. 
The bathroom has a good size shower and a toilet but we left out the sink because the kitchen sink is only about 5 steps away. There's a big mirror in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom so two can primp at once, if needed. We had to make tough choices for space efficiency and the bathroom sink was one thing that we decided we could live without. We hope you can, too.
It's a perfect place for a single or couple. 
The smallness of the house has led to some unique design choices.
Built Like a Brick Trip House!