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Women's Dorm

The Women's Dorm is on the second floor. It's a very large room, big enough for three bunk beds and more. There's lots of storage and closet space for your belongings, too.  Our mattresses are thick, new and often called "comfortable." Our sheets are organic cotton. Each bed has its own night stand with a locking drawer and its own reading lamp. The shared bathroom is just down the hall and we provide you with comfy robes to wear on your short journey. There's a beautiful vanity in the Women's Dorm with a big round mirror. We also added an oval table and two chairs made of bamboo. All this comfort for the low price of $40 per night including tax!

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Bunk 1 is blue ~ Bunk 2 is red ~ Bunk 3 is yellow
Bunk 4 is green ~ Bunk 5 is orange ~ Bunk 6 is purple
Bunk 1 is blue ~ Bunk 2 is red ~ Bunk 3 is yellow
Bunk 4 is green ~ Bunk 5 is orange ~ Bunk 6 is purple